Facebook fun takes satirical aim at DCC

The fake page, known as ”Dunedin city council – DCC”, was created on Monday and has since posted a series of comments and photos.

The posts involved one concerning Baldwin St losing its standing as the world’s steepest street, in which the fake council declared ”the official call has promptly been made to start roadworks”.

”Baldwin Street will have its angle magnified by 3 degrees, so as to reclaim it’s [sic] title as steepest street in the world for New Zealand.”

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Helpful Techniques to Enhance Popularity on Instagram that are Widely Ignored

We all like to increase popularity on social media profiles because we need to be more and more popular as marketers. We all do the same things – use Buffer, read Articles, Follow the Best marketing practices, and anything else we can do. In our recent research, we have found a few amazing ways which are not being used by many people. So, give these unseen ideas a try and see how your audience-base increases.

  1. Try and Find Hottest Hashtags

Just using any hashtag is not enough. You have to do some keyword research to find the highest demanded and most relevant hashtags. Sounds like SEO? It has a lot of things in common. Hashtags are just like keywords for Instagram. You have to find out the ones your desired audience click on the most. This way, you have to use around 11 well-researched hashtags to get the great amount of user engagement.  You may miss the engagement by using wrong hashtags.

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Buy 500 Instagram likes

How do people react when you post something to Instagram? Do they flood you with likes and comments, or are you lucky to get a handful or less of each? If you’re like most people, even if you post something brilliant it can be difficult to get your post promoted when you only have a few loyal followers.

Now imagine a world where all of your posts receive dozens of comments and tons of likes that promote and spread your profile to new people. The ability to spread your message is what makes social media powerful, but your message can’t spread if no one is interacting with your profile. Luckily, there’s a way around all of that.

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