Helpful Techniques to Enhance Popularity on Instagram that are Widely Ignored

We all like to increase popularity on social media profiles because we need to be more and more popular as marketers. We all do the same things – use Buffer, read Articles, Follow the Best marketing practices, and anything else we can do. In our recent research, we have found a few amazing ways which are not being used by many people. So, give these unseen ideas a try and see how your audience-base increases.

  1. Try and Find Hottest Hashtags

Just using any hashtag is not enough. You have to do some keyword research to find the highest demanded and most relevant hashtags. Sounds like SEO? It has a lot of things in common. Hashtags are just like keywords for Instagram. You have to find out the ones your desired audience click on the most. This way, you have to use around 11 well-researched hashtags to get the great amount of user engagement.  You may miss the engagement by using wrong hashtags.

  1. Inspire Them

Make your audience feel good by inspiring them. Humans are most likely to like the person who has inspired them.

  1. Give Away Some Nice Gifts

Some of the techniques surely cost you, but they can make you insanely well-known on social media. Giving away some nice prizes is one of the biggest costs. However, you can get the returns in the form of more and more followers. You can score around a few thousand more followers with just one giveaway. It can benefit you in the long-term.

  1. Share a Few Selfies

Instagram provides a closer look at the daily life of people which is why it is getting so popular. You can see what they do, how they look like and how they act. Selfies are known to be the part of self-expression of a person in this modern age. We all are likely to snoop and Instagram fulfills that crave. People love lots of selfies if you are a stunning diva in the industry. Otherwise, it is okay to snap a few selfies.

  1. Show Some Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle marketing is something which is very trending on Instagram. People are really curious about how others live, especially when they follow someone. It is sure that we cannot live their lifestyle so we live away with the dreams by checking out their lifestyle photos. Entrepreneurs, celebrities, riches, athletes, world travelers and fashionistas can easily add some lifestyle pictures on their profile and get tons of likes and followers. What about those who live normal lives? Are we not driving along a Lamborghini and paragliding every day? All lifestyle photos are not important to be bizarre or amazing to attract someone. They can also be the common lifestyle photos. Even Taylor Swift posts some normal lifestyle photos like his birthday party.

  1. Comment on Photos of Others (Along with Liking Them)

When I started up with Instagram, I believed just liking the pictures of others is enough to make them like my photos back and follow me. After some time, I found that I can get more conversion by commenting on their photos after I liked them. Every second, there is 575 likes hit on all photos. On the other side, only 81 comments are made against 575 likes. On Instagram, people like pictures 609% more than commenting on them. Double-tapping a photo is easier than tapping comment and thinking something unique to comment. But people appreciate it if you do such an extra effort. They will truly want to follow you and check out your profile back. Meaningful comments can give you lots of exposure.