Facebook fun takes satirical aim at DCC

The fake page, known as ”Dunedin city council – DCC”, was created on Monday and has since posted a series of comments and photos.

The posts involved one concerning Baldwin St losing its standing as the world’s steepest street, in which the fake council declared ”the official call has promptly been made to start roadworks”.

”Baldwin Street will have its angle magnified by 3 degrees, so as to reclaim it’s [sic] title as steepest street in the world for New Zealand.”

The fake post additionally suggested Baldwin St Residents to ”enjoy the noise of heavy machinery and having no street parking for a minimum of a year”, and included a link to a roadworks customer satisfaction survey on the real DCC’s website.

By late yesterday, the post had attracted over a hundred comments, whereas the page itself had about to a thousand followers.

Other posts included one noting a rising student trend away from burning couches and towards the ”healthier modification to vaporizing the couches instead”.

One post offered ”some cheap grams” to followers, followed by a subsequent response to a comment, advising the person to ”message our Facebook page and one of our workers will get back to you within following five working days. Kind regards, DCC.”

Council city services general manager Sandy Graham (the real one) yesterday said council employees were aware of the page and had contacted Facebook, requesting it to be removed.

”While there’s no damage in a little bit of humor, a number of the recent posts are offensive. Our broader concern is that it could be confusing for individuals. Particularly in the lead-up to the local body elections,” she said.