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Marketing is the significant aspect of any business. Whether a vegetable vendor shouts from the street or Mr. Mukesh Ambani talks about JIO, it’s a method to be heard/seen by the potential customers.Your product will sell only when it makes a connection with buyer.

Traditionally, following methods are used for marketing and advertisement Such as ….






HOWEVER, IN RECENT years, the World Wide Web has been greeting the world and we are very close to living in a global village. There are nearly 4 billion of internet users of internet out of 7.5 billion (approx) population of the world. In India, by the end of June 2017, there were about 465 million of internet users which is about 48% of the total population. Compare this with 2011 when there were 13 million users and you realized the phenomenal pace of expansion. With our PM MR. NARENDRA MODI leads the DIGITAL  INDIA CAMPAIGN we are witnessing a DIGITAL REVOLUTION. With more and more Indian as well as the world’s populace getting rapid access to smartphoneslaptopscomputers, and tablets etc. it will be completely digital penetration. Web-based calls and messages combining social media have brought, people closer and dissemination of information is quicker than lightening.a photo, video or an advertisement can go viral and be seen by billions in no time. No doubt thanks to TOP DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCIES IN INDIA.

This “DIGITAL CIVILIZATION” glued to their screens has brought about a tectonic shift in the way we market our products/services. To be seen or heard you have to connect with this digital civilization on their platform. Hence the focus of marketing has shifted to digital marketing which includes.

  • Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
  • Business networking sites like Linkedin, Quora, Reddit
  • Promotional ads via emails
  • Paid pop-ups
  • Blogs
  • Paid links for viral contents

It will be hasty to conclude that there are curtains for traditional marketing.

But the future certainly belongs to Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR or internet marketing agency in Delhi NCR | India.

Planet Digital Service

Here are the 10 most important benefits of DIGITAL MARKETING

  • INSTANT CONNECT: compare to traditional methods of MARKETING, DIGITAL MARKETING provides your business an instant publicity. Using social media, top digital marketing agencies can help your product get instant recognition
  • HIGHLY OBJECTIVE: to analyze the outcome, different facets of the traffic being generated by digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR | India can be analyzed by visiting the websites, based on their sex and age, their location, peak trading time, conversions etc. Once you have key inputs you can strategize better. Nowadays top digital companies in India apply these techniques for tremendous conversion rate.
  • COST EFFECTIVE : A newspaper inserts can cost in thousands or even lacks, a TV campaign can set a company back by crores. Compared to these traditional methods INTERNET  MARKETING cost very  Even the top marketing agencies will do the job at a fraction of the cost of time.
  • WIDDER GLOBAL EXPOSURE: SEO, SMO, PPC, SERP, ADWORD etc provides your business a global platform. A good campaign launched by a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi/NCR can give your product/service a global visibility top digital marketing companies in India takes care of the keyword search content on your website you can expect a tremendous response.
  • NON-INTRUSIVE: Everyone hates nagging messages or phone calls for sale promotions. People even tend to change TV channels during commercials online sells promotion is a non-intrusive strategy. Where people can go through your campaign in their free time with their sweet will.
  • Compete with big business: online sale promotion provides a level playing field where even a small startup can compete with the biggest brands and largest corporations.
  • Quick results: online campaign launched by a good agency can give a real-time data about the quantity and quality of the traffic of your companies website.one can check the number of visitors, conversion rate etc. without waiting for days and weeks. Even sitting in Delhi/NCR the and companies can get continues flow of information about results and plug the loopholes.
  • 24 *7*365 Presence: online campaigns can give your company a continuous presence .it’s like having a store/office with no closing hours.
  • Broad and perpetual engagement with visitors/clients/customers: analytics from internet traffic to your companies website was undertaken by a good agency helps you monitor your customer’s liking, decisions and choices giving deep insights into their thinking.
  • Brand building: there is no better and low-cost option for establishing your brand then going online. A professional agency can help you own a blog or a website by which you can create a global image for your company. Therefore digital marketing is the future and soon companies will join the bandwagon to better their business. No other marketing mantra can give such cogent result in a cost-effective Manner.
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